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Use our safety kit on your machine for better visibility!

Use our safety kit on your machine for better visibility!

This 2-camera safety kit is easy to install and use and gives you better visibility when driving your vehicle on the road. Read this article to find out more about its uses and how it works.

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What’s great about this safety kit?

Visibility can be poor at the wheel of your vehicle as you come to an intersection. You may struggle to see to the left or right with trees, houses and other objects blocking your view, especially if your machine has equipment at the front and the driving seat is set back from the intersection. Before setting off, you need to be sure that the coast is clear – which is where our safety kit comes in. The two cameras are placed opposite one another on the equipment at the front of your machine, so you can see what’s coming.

How is it installed?

Installing these cameras is extremely simple. Screw the cameras onto the magnetic mount before placing it on your equipment. All that’s left to do is connect the cameras to your video screen and you’re all set! You can also watch our video for a visual demonstration.

Notre kit de sOur safety kit comes with 2 cameras, a 10 m extension cord to connect it to your screen, and a magnetic metal mount. Our cameras are fitted with infrared LED lights for better night vision and integrated heating so they are quick to de-ice in winter. Their PAL 700 TVL resolution helps you see better and is compatible with your original monitors, while their IP69K certification means they work well no matter the conditions.

To use this kit, you’ll need a split screen to display the 2 cameras. At AMS we have these screens available in a 7″ (VICAM-AMS-MS7-12V) and 9″ (VICAM-AMS-MS9-12V) version.