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The gooseneck microphone: the ideal solution for noisy work environments

The gooseneck microphone: the ideal solution for noisy work environments

When you take a phone call from your tractor cab, do you have trouble making yourself heard? AMS has the solution: the gooseneck microphone!

Specially designed for noisy environments, this microphone delivers unrivalled clarity of sound! Easy to install and convenient to use, it will make your telephone communications crisp and smooth.

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In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of this revolutionary microphone.

Better sound quality and reduced background noise:

The gooseneck microphone is specially designed to improve sound quality in tractor cabs. Its advanced noise reduction technology filters out unwanted sounds to capture the speaker’s voice with exceptional clarity, even in the noisiest environments.

It reduces unwanted ambient sounds, such as engine noise or vibrations, enabling more efficient and effortless communication. These features eliminate interference and guarantee optimum voice clarity, no matter the working conditions.

Flexibility and ease of installation:

One of the major advantages of the gooseneck microphone is its flexibility, allowing you to aim it easily, ensuring optimum voice pick-up! What’s more, installing the microphone is quick and easy. It can be easily attached in different places in the cab and plugs in via an audio jack.

Don’t wait: get the gooseneck microphone developed by AMS, the essential, must-have accessory for your cab!